Fall Bucket List Completion

Earlier this fall, we wrote a blog post about our fall bucket list.  You can find that post here!  With fall coming to an end, we wanted to recap our bucket list and share with you what we checked off.  Below you will find our original fall bucket list.  Items in bold are what we completed!

1. Decorate for fall

2. Go to a pumpkin patch

3. Stock up on fall foods at Trader Joe’s
We definitely did and tried some new items as well!  Check out our favorites in our blog post here!

4. Watch Casper, Halloweentown & Hocus Pocus

5. Go to an apple orchard

6. Eat a caramel apple
We wish we would have eaten more!

7. Go on a hike to look at all the fall colors

8. Do some fall baking
Michelle found a new cookie recipe that she loves!

9. Buy all the fall Bath & Body Works candles

10. Go on a hayride
Technically it was a wagon ride-does that count?

11. Break out our fall clothes

12. Drink apple cider
Rachel loves apple cider

13. Visit a corn maze

14. Try a new pumpkin recipe

15. Watch a new fall show-any suggestions?
Rachel has started to watch The Good Doctor and loves it!  We also tried watching The Seal team, but couldn’t get into it.

16. Have a fall photo shoot 

17. Eat yummy food and spend time with our family on Thanksgiving
This is one of our absolute favorite things about fall!  we had such a good, relaxing Thanksgiving this year!

18. Go Black Friday shopping (online)
We bought a few things for ourselves, but also bought a lot of Christmas gifts.


Overall, we did really well with our fall bucket list this year!  We completed 17/18 items, so we only missed one item.  Unfortunately, it was baking a new pumpkin recipe, which should have been easy!  Hopefully next year, we’ll bake a new pumpkin recipe though.  We have had such a fun fall checking things off of our checklist.  Maybe we should make a winter bucket list now.  We’ll have to start thinking.

Let us know how you did on your fall bucket list in the comments below!

-Michelle & Rachel

Author: 2classysisters

We're two sisters who blog about all things fashion related, along with other random things sprinkled in here and there.

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