Spring ’18 Sephora VIB Sale

Yesterday, the spring Sephora VIB sale started, so I thought I would round up some of my favorite skin care and makeup products to make your shopping easier.  I also included some products that I’ve been eyeing up or just think would be good options too!  A lot of these products don’t go on sale often, that’s why it’s a great time to stock up on some of your holy grail products and also try some new products.  When looking at new products to try, I always like to purchase some more expensive products during the sale so I can try them without paying full price.

You can shop this sale if you’re a beauty insider, VIB , or Rouge member.  If you’re VIB or Rouge, you can receive 15% off with the codes YAYVIB and YAYROUGE.  If you’re a beauty insider, you can receive 10% off with the code YAYINSIDER.  This shale runs through Monday, April 23rd.  To shop any of the products I talk about below, simply score through the slides and click any of the images.  You’ll be taken to the direct link.  I’ve also linked a few items in the information below the categories.  You can click these as well to be taken to direct links.

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Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Christmas is only 14 days away!  Can you believe it?!  December just needs to slow down.  If you’re like us then you did a lot of your Christmas shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but then got sidetracked and now you’re freaking out because you still have some left.  Or maybe you haven’t even started yet, which is fine because we’ve got you covered with our Christmas gift guide for her.

In today’s blog post, we’re sharing over 30 items for her!  We’ve covered lower price points to higher price points to help meet all of your shopping needs.  We’ve rounded up a variety of items so that you can find something for any of the ladies in your life.  To shop the products, simply click the image and you’ll be taken to its direct link.  Plus we categorized the products by over $100, under $100, under $50, and $25.  This will make your shopping super easy!

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Our Christmas Wish Lists

Today we’re sharing with you our Christmas wish lists for this year.  We share these lists with our parents and immediate family to give them ideas for what to get us.  Hopefully, these wish lists will give you some ideas for what you might want to ask for or some gift ideas to get others.  To shop our wishlists, simply click the product name or click any of the images in the slideshows below!

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Cyber Monday Sales

Happy Cyber Monday!  I’m rounding up the best sales, as well as my favorites for Cyber Monday.  To make your shopping easier, I’ve organized this post alphabetically.  This way you can easily find the specific retailer you’re looking for.

Click on any of the store names to go to their home page or click any of the images to be taken directly to that product!

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Sephora VIB Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, beauty lovers!  Every year around this time. Sephora has their biggest sale of the year.  All products and brands are 20% off for VIB and Rouge members.  Insiders can get 15% off as well.  Sephora only has two sales a year with the other being in the spring.  A lot of these brands/products rarely go on sale, so it’s definitely the time to shop.

This is  my favorite time to stock up on beauty products from Sephora!  My strategy when shopping this sale is to buy my go-to products that I need for back-ups or I’m running low on, as well as new products that I’ve been wanting to try out.  When looking at new products to try, I do tend to buy some more expensive items that really never go on sale.  I’m going to break down products in this post by what I’ve bought so far, what’s currently in my cart, and other wishlist items/picks.

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Holiday ’17 Beauty Value Sets: Sephora & Ulta

With October coming and going in a flash, the holiday season is officially in full swing.  One of my favorite things to put on my Christmas wish list every year are Sephora and Ulta beauty value sets.  I love that these value sets allow me to try out a wide variety of beauty products.  They also make great gifts!  In today’s post, I’m sharing with you my favorite 2017 Sephora and Ulta beauty value sets.  To make things easier for you, I’m breaking down my favorite beauty sets by category.

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Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Review

If you’re looking for a long lasting nail polish without having to pay the nail salon price, this is the nail polish you should try! We were a little hesitant about trying Essie gel nail polish at first since it’s more expensive than the regular Essie nail polish, but we’re glad we did. Read our review below to see our detailed thoughts on this nail polish!

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Let’s Talk Face Masks

Over the last several months Rachel and I have slowly become obsessed with face masks.  There’s just something about coming home from a stressful day and putting on a face mask.  You instantly feel more relaxed and better about life.  Also, it’s so satisfying seeing  and feeling the (usually) instantaneous results once you remove the face mask.

Today,  I’ve rounded up my current favorite face masks to share with you.  I have so many favorites that I’m going to be sharing eight, yes you read that correctly, eight face masks with you!  I promise you that all of these face masks give you great results!

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RevivHair Stimulating Serum


If you follow our blog you know that I am always looking for ways to help grow and thicken my hair! I have tried various products in the past to help with length but now I am trying to focus on thickening my hair. As soon as I heard about Reviv Serum I knew I had to try it!

This product helps stimulate hair growth because of this there is a lot of people that are using it for receding hairlines and thinning hair. I am not losing my hair so I’m using this to help get my hair get a little thicker.

RevivHair Hair Stimulating Serum with Redensyl, Stem Cells, Growth Factors & Peptides, is a novel next-gen leave-in serum can help significantly help boost the appearance of hair density, thickness, fullness, natural color, strength, and overall health. Powerful key ingredients help both men and women.

I have been using this product for only a couple of weeks so far so it’s still too soon to see any noticeable results. However so far I’m really liking using this product. It’s easy to use plus it can be used on wet and dry hair! All you have to do is shake before using and apply 1-2 droppers directly to your scalp. I was a little worried that it might leave my hair looking greasy when I applied it on dry hair but I can’t even tell that I applied anything after I have it rubbed in. I will make sure to either comment on this post updating you about my results or do a follow-up post! You can get this product here.


Have you used this product before or any other products that are supposed to help with thickening your hair?


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Smile Brilliant Review

Over the past few weeks we’ve been testing out the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays.  We were really excited to try these trays since prior to Smile Brilliant, custom fitted teeth whitening trays were only available at the dentist for $500+.  In today’s post we’re going to go over the teeth whitening process, give you our thoughts on this product, as well as some additional information on Smile Brilliant.

After you purchase a teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant and receive it, you’ll begin the process of making your customized teeth whitening trays.  In your kit, you’ll receive everything you need to make your dental impressions, as well as the gels you will use for teeth whitening.


When it comes to make your dental impressions, there is an easy step by step guide to follow in your kit.  After you make your impressions, you will mail them in the pre-paid envelope.


By the time Smile Brilliant receives the impressions, makes the customized trays, and sends them back to you, it will usually be eleven days or less.  Once you receive your customized teeth whitening trays, it’s now time to begin whitening your teeth!

As of today, we have both used our teeth whitening trays three times each.  We have already seen noticeable results with our teeth!  We’ve also had people comment on our teeth looking whiter, which is always a plus.  We have found this whole process to be very simple and easy to follow.  Initially we were a bit intimidated with having to make our molds.  However, the directions are very clear and easy to follow.  Even if you mess up making a mold, you can make another one since they give you some extra product.  One great thing about these trays being customized to fit your teeth is that you can easily multi-task while wearing them without worrying about them falling down or off.  You barely notice you have them in.  In the past, we’ve tried the Crest whitening strips.  Even though we saw some results with these, the results didn’t happen as quickly and the strips were very uncomfortable to wear since they would slide around a lot.  We plan to continue to use these whitening trays as needed in the future.  We definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a whiter smile!  The results you get from this product is worth the price!


If you’re interested in buying the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit or learning more about this product, you can visit the website at http://www.smilebrilliant.com.  This teeth whitening process can range in price from about $120.00-just under $200.00 depending on how much product you want.  Here is a link for additional reviews and testimonials: http://www.smilebrilliant.com/teeth-whitening-reviews.  If you would like to watch a video about this product, you can click here.

We unfortunately do not have before and after photos due to when taking the before photos, our teeth looked whiter than what they actually are.  This made it so you couldn’t tell much of a difference.  However, if you follow us on Instagram @2classysisters, you can check out our white teeth in current photos!

If you have any other questions about Smile Brilliant, feel free to ask them in the comments below!  Let us know if you end up trying the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit.  We would love to hear about your experience.

-Michelle & Rachel