J. Crew Factory Casual, Winter OOTD

Happy Friday!  It’s been awhile since our last blog post.  Honestly we’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately.   This time of the year can be a bit hard for us fashion-wise.  Winter starts to feel long and we end up feeling like we wear the same outfits and shoes on repeat.  Hopefully we’ll get back into posting blog posts consistently very soon!

On another note- we’re at that awkward time in the year where you want to start shopping for spring, yet it’s still really cold outside(at least if you live somewhere where it truly feels like winter).  I’ve definitely been tempted to start shopping for spring clothes, but I’ve resisted since spring is nowhere near in sight for me.  You’ll find me bundled up in sweaters for at least another month.  Since I’m still wearing winter clothes and will be for awhile, today I’m sharing with you another cozy, winter outfit.

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Fall Bucket List Completion

Earlier this fall, we wrote a blog post about our fall bucket list.  You can find that post here!  With fall coming to an end, we wanted to recap our bucket list and share with you what we checked off.  Below you will find our original fall bucket list.  Items in bold are what we completed!

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PINspiration Friday

PINspiration Friday

Rachel’s Pick’s

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  1. I have the tradition blanket scarf and love it! I would like to get it in another color and really like this version of it! 2) I have never owned Tieks flats before but Michelle has and likes them. I think these fall colors are so pretty! I want to get a pair sometime in the future but most likely for my first pair I’ll get a neutral. 3) I think this vest and plaid shirt are so cute together! For fall my go to is always a puffer vest!

Michelle’s Picks


Michelle’s Pick’s

1) This dress is perfect for fall.  I really love the wine color of it and think it’s a perfect dress to dress up or down! 2)  These earrings are so pretty!  I love them and I can never have enough earrings, especially gold ones! 3)  This pullover looks so warm and comfy!  I love the added preppy touch with the plaid detailing.  I could see myself getting a lot of use out of a pullover like this during the fall and winter months!

Enjoy your last September weekend!
-Michelle & Rachel

Wardrobe Basics: Day to Night

Today we’re going to be sharing with you how to take some of your wardrobe basics from day to night.  Many of us have those days where we work and then have plans for the night with not much time in between.  We’re going to show you a couple different ways you can quickly transition from day to night without completely changing your whole look.  Both of our looks are centered around two wardrobe basics, a pencil skirt and blazer.  The pencil skirt (basic skirt) and blazer (basic blazer) we’re styling are both from Byer California.  Byer California has a line called Byer Basics that features four pieces. The four wardrobe basics in this line are great pieces that you can easily style from day to night.

Rachel’s Look-Daytime


| Francesca’s top | Byer California skirt | Sperry flats | Kate Spade watch |

Rachel’s Look-Nighttime


| Express crop top | Byer California skirt | Target booties |

Michelle’s Look-Daytime


| Byer California blazer | J.Crew Factory top | J.Crew Factory pants | DSW flats|

Michelle’s Look-Nighttime


| Byer California blazer | Francesca’s tank top | American Eagle jeggings | Express booties |

Our tips for transitioning your look from day to night:

  • Makeup- Do a bolder lip for the night or make your eyeshadow darker.
  • Shoes- Go from a pair of flats to a pair of booties or heels.  Shoes can really change your whole look up.
  • Accessories- Add a cute belt, hat, scarf, etc.  You can really transition your look from day to night by simply adding even just one accessory piece.
  • Jewelry- Simply switch up your jewelry.  Most of us probably wouldn’t wear the exact same jewelry to work as we would for a night out.
  • Clothes- Choose one or two clothing items to change.  For example, in our looks, Rachel changed her top and Michelle changed her tank top and pants.

If you’re interested in Byer California, be sure to visit their website here.  If you use the code 2classysisters you’ll enjoy 20% off your purchase at checkout!  Byer California is also doing a giveaway that starts today on Instagram.  Be sure to follow ByerCalifornia on there so you have a chance to win this awesome giveaway!

Where you can all find Byer California:
Website: http://www.byerca.com
Facebook: Byer California
Twitter: @ByerCA
Instagram: ByerCalifornia
Pinterest: @Byerca

We would love to know how you transition your outfits from day to night!  Let us know in the comments below!

-Michelle & Rachel

What We Wore Wednesday

What We Wore Wednesday

Rachel’s Look


| Ivy & Leo Top | American Eagle Jeggings | Target Sandals |

I today I made my way back to college! Since I knew I would be doing a lot of hauling and unpacking I wanted to wear something that was easy to move in. I still wanted to look cute today since I knew I would be seeing some friends and would be going out to eat once I got there. It was also kind of rainiy and cold so I had to pull out some jeggings to keep me warm!

Michelle’s Look


| UOI Boutique tunic | Express leggings | J. Crew Factory necklace | Target sandals |

Today was a gloomy, chilly summer day.  Because of this I ended up wearing a very comfy and casual outfit.  I went with a short sleeved tunic in one of my favorite colors and paired it with some leggings.  I just got back from vacation the day before and knew I was mainly going to be relaxing and doing things around the house.  This comfy outfit was perfect for that!

-Michelle & Rachel

Tula Skin Care Products Review

We were lucky enough to team up with Tula and try a few of their skincare products!  We were both really excited to try these products because we love trying skincare products and are always looking for products that truly make a good difference in our skin.  We each tried one product and you can find our detailed reviews below!

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Summer Nail Polish Favorites: Part 1

As you probably know, we both love nail polish!  Summer is one of our favorite times for nail polish because of all the bright, fun colors!  Since we have quite a few summer nail polish favorites, we decided to break this post into two or three parts.  Today’s favorites feature colors from the brand, China Glaze.  China Glaze is the perfect brand for summer nail polish colors because it has so many fun colors.

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PINspiration Friday

PINsperation Friday

Rachel’s Picks

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1) I pinned this because I already have a pair of Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses that I love and I’m debating about getting a second pair.  The pair I currently have is the one all the way in the back.  I’m not sure which pair I would get because I think they are all so cute!  2) I really like this outfit.  I think this would be cute to wear to class or while hanging out with friends.  Also the pearls are a nice touch.  3) I’ve been wanting a pair of Kendra Scott earrings for a while now.  I like these ones because they are simple and 9 times out of 10 when I’m wearing earring they are going to be studs. When I finally breakdown and buy a pair I think they might be these ones!

Michelle’s Picks

7-17-15 27-17-157-17-15 3

1) I’ve always dreamed of having a Chanel bag, and if  that dream every becomes a reality I would love to get this Chanel bag! 2) I love how classy and preppy this look is!  I love the cardigan paired with this button up top 3) I was just telling Rachel the other day how I want to get some brown riding boots this fall.  These boots would be perfect, but I’ll definitely end up getting some that are cheaper.  I do love the looks of these boots though!

We hope you enjoy your weekend! Comment below if you have a blog post you would like to see from us!

-Michelle & Rachel

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!!!

Today is the first official day of summer aka National Wear Your Lilly Day for all you Lilly lovers out there!  Since we love Lilly Pulitzer and summer, we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot to show off what we’re wearing for this special day.  Now that we’re finally having some warm weather, we can’t wait to wear all of our favorite Lilly Pulitzer clothes all summer long!

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What We Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  First off, I apologize for this post going up later in the day than it usually does.  I’m in Myrtle Beach on vacation right now and didn’t get a chance to post this earlier.  This week’s What We Wore Wednesday features my outfit that I actually wore today (Wednesday) since yesterday I was flying to Myrtle Beach and the weather wasn’t the greatest.



|Ivy and Leo dress| Target sandals| Francesca’s earrings|

Today I spent most of my morning and the early afternoon at the beach and pool!  It was a relaxing start to my day and I got a good start on my summer tan!  It was also great weather here in Myrtle Beach today with it being warm and sunny!

I decided to wear this dress the rest of the day since my mom and I did some shopping and went out to eat.  I like this dress because it’s lightweight, making it a perfect dress for a warm, summer day.  I really like the detailing at the waist.  It doesn’t show much skin and it still looks classy and stylish.  I also like that this dress is a bit longer because it makes it easy to be out and about.  When I’m at the beach on vacation, I usually keep my jewelry pretty minimal so the only jewelry I wore with this outfit were some earrings.  Of course,  I finished off the look with my favorite sandals from Target!

Rachel will be back next week just in time for our “What We Wore Wednesday” post so you’ll get to see both of our outfits again!  We can’t wait to be back together for the whole summer!

Have a great rest of your week!