Ooh La Leggings

We were lucky enough to team up with Ooh La Leggings to style a couple of their leggings and share with you how great they are!  Ooh La Leggings is an online website that has a variety of leggings, from patterned ones to solid ones.  These leggings are one size fits most, so you don’t have to worry about which size to order.   Ooh La Leggings retail for $21.00, which we think is a very reasonable price!  We each chose a pair of leggings to style and review for this post.

Rachel’s leggings are in the print “Falling for Floral”.

image3 image4/ 


| J. Crew Top | J. Crew Necklace | Ooh La Leggings | Sperry Top Siders |

I actually styled my outfit for the airport since I am leaving today for a short study abroad trip. I thought these leggings would be perfect for a long flight overseas since they are SO cozy. I wanted my outfit to be cute and comfy for traveling so I paired my leggings with my loose fitting chambray tunic from J. Crew. I decided to add a simple statement necklace to dress the outfit up a bit. Since you never know when you are going to have to run through an airport to catch your flight, I went with Sperry Top Siders for shoes.

Michelle’s leggings are in the print “Thick and Thin”.


|UOI Boutique Top| American Eagle Sweater| Ooh La Leggings| Sperry Top Siders| Buckle Necklace|

I chose to pair my leggings with a long, navy tunic top.  I thought the navy went well with the green color of the leggings.  I felt like the outfit needed a little something more though, so I decided to wear my favorite American Eagle sweater as well.  For accessories, I wore a long necklace from The Buckle and my tan Sperry Top Siders to complete the look.


Overall, we really love these leggings because they are so comfortable and soft!  We also really like all the fun prints and patterns they come in.  They’re great leggings for dressing up to go out or to dress down for a lazy day at home.  We felt that both of our leggings fit us really well size-wise with the one size fits most, especially with us being different heights.

We are also lucky enough to offer you a promo code from Ooh La Leggings.  You will get your first two pairs of leggings for $21.00 total plus free shipping with the code “OOHLACLASSY15” at http://www.oohlaleggings.com.  We highly suggest you take advantage of this awesome promo code to try out these leggings since you basically get one pair free and don’t have to pay shipping!  We think you’ll be just as in love with these leggings as we are!

-Michelle & Rachel

Author: 2classysisters

We're two sisters who blog about all things fashion related, along with other random things sprinkled in here and there.

11 thoughts on “Ooh La Leggings”

  1. I like the unique prints they have for the leggings. I’ll be keeping an eye on the site.

    These are perfect to wear under mini-dresses in the winter.


  2. A fashion blog. That’s nice you and your sister have teamed up!
    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m glad you liked my post on finding and maintaining a niche.


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