Spring Fashion Wish List!

With spring in full swing and the weather finally getting warmer,  I decided it’s about time I share with you my spring fashion wish list!  I narrowed down my list to my top five picks!


1. A tie-dye dress
Tie-dye clothing really seems to be in style this spring whether it’s tops, dresses, skirts, etc.  Since I started seeing this trend pop up, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect tie-dye dress.  I love this one from Tobi because it doesn’t have the traditional tie dye look to it.  It almost looks like watercolor.  I also love the pastel colors of this dress.


2. A spring jacket
During the spring months I usually just wear one of my North Face fleeces for a coat, but they don’t always look the most fashionable with my outfits, especially when I wear dresses, skirts, or longer shirts.  I would like to get a nicer spring jacket that I can wear to dress up my outfits a bit.  This coat is from J. Crew and what I like about it is the fact that it’s longer, has a zipper, and a removable hood.  This navy color can also go with a lot as well.


3. An off shoulder top
Off shoulder tops is another trend that’s really popping up this spring.  At first when I started seeing this trend, I wasn’t so sure about this look.  Now, even though I don’t like all of the off shoulder tops I see, I’ve decided that I would like to get one this spring because there are some really cute ones out there!


4. Capris
I only have a few pairs of capris right now and of the ones I have, I only have one pair that I absolutely love.  I definitely could use a few more pairs because of this.  I love American Eagle’s jegging capris because they are so comfortable and fit me really well!


5. A long-sleeved romper
I have a few rompers, but they are all sleeveless.  For spring I would love to find a long-sleeved romper to wear when it’s a little cooler.  I just can’t decide if I want one  that has a pattern or is a solid color.

Those are my top five picks for my spring wish list this year. Hopefully, I’m able to get some of them! I would love to hear what’s on your spring wishlist.  Leave a comment below and let me know!