Spring Break Essentials: Las Vegas


It’s that time of year where everyone is going on spring break trips!  The spring break essentials that you’ll need will vary depending on where you’re traveling to. This year for spring break I am going to Las Vegas with both of my sisters! Packing for this spring break trip is completely different than my spring break last year when I went to Myrtle Beach. Here are my top spring break essentials for this trip!


Comfy Heels/Wedges

If you’re 21 and going to Vegas, you’re probably planning on going out to either a bar or a club. You’ll want to make sure to pack a comfy pair of heels or wedges, especially if you plan on going dancing. Nothing is worse than having to cut a night short because your feet hurt too bad to continue on. Even if you’re just going to bar you still want to have comfy footwear because there is a lot of walking in Vegas. If  you get a taxi to a hotel where the bar or club is, the bar/club could be on the other side and might still be a far walk. I decided to pack a pair of wedges that I have had for a couple of years and plan on wearing these the night we go to a club. I decided on these because I know I can last longer in wedges and I have worn them so many times that I know they are comfortable. Also don’t forget comfy shoes for walking around during the day!


Going Out Dress

You’ll want to make sure you are prepared with cute going out outfits to wear at night. There is so much to do whether it’s going out to dinner, seeing a show, going to a club, etc. It’s good to be prepared with a going out dress no matter what you are doing. This is the dress that I plan on wearing to the club, but I also have dresses packed for the other nights we are going to be there.



A lot of the hotels on the strip have very nice pools. You’ll want to make sure that you have a swimsuit packed so that you can spend some of your time laying by the pool. I know I’m excited for the pool at our hotel because it has a lazy river where I can lay in and relax.



Whether you’re laying out at the pool or walking around outside on the strip, sunglasses are a necessity.  This is also an item that is easily forgotten.  Nothing is worse than getting to your destination and realizing you forgot your sunglasses.


Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag will definitely come in handy while in Las Vegas. There are so many things to do and see that  you will want to keep your hands free. They are also nice for going out so that you don’t have to worry about holding on to a bag the whole night!

Obviously there are plenty of other essentials you’ll need to pack for your spring break trip.  These are just a few of my top essentials that would be good to pack specifically when going to Vegas.  Where are you heading for spring break and what are your essentials?


PINspiration Friday

PINsperation Friday

Rachel’s Picks

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These were my top picks of the week because it’s finally starting to feel like spring outside! With the warm weather finally here it’s time to bring out the bright colors and these pins are perfect examples!

Michelle’s Picks


1. Rachel and I recently talked about how we both need a good spring jacket.  I really like the looks of this style of jacket and think something like it would be perfect for spring! 2. I love this nail polish with the silver chunky nail color as the accent nail.  I’ll definitely be doing something like this soon to my nails! 3.  Like the caption said on Pinterest, “hair perfection”.  I love the style, color, and length of it!

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Enjoy your weekend!

-Michelle & Rachel