Pinspiration Friday

PINsperation Friday

Happy Pinspiration Friday!!!  We apologize for not doing this post in a few weeks.  We promise to be better at doing Pinspiration Friday every week.  Now let’s get into our picks for this week!

Michelle’s Picks

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1) I love everything about this outfit, especially the shirt and the color of it.  I basically just need this shirt in my closet!  2) These earrings are simply gorgeous.  I wouldn’t mind adding them to my jewelry collection!   I think they would especially be great for the summer season.  3)  I already have this sweater.  I really like the shirt it’s paired with in this pin and how both the sweater and shirt sleeves are rolled up in it.  Next time I wear this sweater, I think I’m going to try to style it similar to this!

Rachel’s Picks

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1) I just really love the color of this dress! I think its so pretty, plus I love the criss cross in the front! 2) I’m always a sucker for a simple black and white outfit. I also am in love with the heels in this picture I think they would be a great shoe to pair with a variety of outfits. 3) I love everything about these shorts! I love the floral pattern and the colors of the shorts! Also, the scalloped bottoms are of course an added bonus!!

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-Michelle & Rachel

Sorority Semi-Formal

Last night I had my last Alpha Delta Pi event of the year, semi-formal. For those of you who aren’t in a sorority or if your sorority doesn’t do a semi-formal, it’s basically like a mini prom. We all bring dates and go on party buses to a location where we dance and eat. For formal we have a full meal, but since it’s semi-formal we just had appetizers. For our formal we wear short dresses that are similar to the dressiness that you would see at a homecoming dance; since this is semi-formal our dresses are a bit simpler.

Our theme for our semi-formal was masquerade so I decided to go with a tight black dress with black and nude lace. I felt that it seemed most fitting for the theme instead of going with a bright spring color. I found my dress online from the boutique called Hope’s. Since it was a masquerade I obviously had to find a mask. It was more challenging than I had initially thought it was going to be to find one, that I not only liked but went with my dress as well. I ended up having luck finding one on Etsy from this shop.

photo 2  photo 4  photo 3

For the event we ended up going a couple of towns over to a ski resort lodge. It was nice that it was closer so that we could spend more time at the place instead of just on the bus. My date for semi-formal was my boyfriend, Michael. We had a lot of fun dancing and just enjoying talking to everyone. It was nice to be able to catch up with everyone before going our separate ways for summer. I had a great time at ADPi semi-formal, but I can’t wait for my boyfriends formal tonight!  Keep a lookout for an upcoming post all about it!!

image (2)

I hope you enjoy your Saturday!