PINspiration Friday

PINsperation Friday

Rachel’s Picks

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I love all these dresses! With school out and warmer weather finally here I am breaking out my dresses for the summer! Dresses are definitely my weakness and I would love to have any of these three in my closet! The colors are all perfect for the summer months. The first dress would be great for a night out with the friends. The second two would be good for a wedding or a special occasion!

Michelle’s Pick


1) I love everything about this picture because it screams summer and it’s almost summer vacation for me (5 more school days)!  2) This quote made me laugh when I stumbled upon it on Pinterest this week and I just really enjoy it because it’s so true  3) This is another outfit that I think would be perfect for work.  I like the pop of color with the cardigan.

-Michelle & Rachel

Pinspiration Friday

PINsperation Friday

Happy Pinspiration Friday!!!  We apologize for not doing this post in a few weeks.  We promise to be better at doing Pinspiration Friday every week.  Now let’s get into our picks for this week!

Michelle’s Picks

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1) I love everything about this outfit, especially the shirt and the color of it.  I basically just need this shirt in my closet!  2) These earrings are simply gorgeous.  I wouldn’t mind adding them to my jewelry collection!   I think they would especially be great for the summer season.  3)  I already have this sweater.  I really like the shirt it’s paired with in this pin and how both the sweater and shirt sleeves are rolled up in it.  Next time I wear this sweater, I think I’m going to try to style it similar to this!

Rachel’s Picks

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1) I just really love the color of this dress! I think its so pretty, plus I love the criss cross in the front! 2) I’m always a sucker for a simple black and white outfit. I also am in love with the heels in this picture I think they would be a great shoe to pair with a variety of outfits. 3) I love everything about these shorts! I love the floral pattern and the colors of the shorts! Also, the scalloped bottoms are of course an added bonus!!

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-Michelle & Rachel