What We Wore Wednesday

What We Wore Wednesday

Rachel’s Look


| Ivy & Leo Dress | Target Sandals | Chanel Earrings|

As I’m working on this post I realize now that I wore a striped dress two What We Wore Wednesdays in a row. I guess I really like stripes! I love this dress because it’s great to wear for basically anything!  I decided on a dress since I had class and meetings right after, plus it was another hot day. Even though I love summer clothes I can’t wait for it to cool down for so I can wear fall clothes!

Michelle’s Look 



| J. Crew Factory tunic | Express leggings | DSW ballet flats | Tiffany & Co. necklace |

If you watched my Myrtle Beach haul this summer, then you know I got this tunic while I was there.  I’ve been wanting to wear this tunic ever since, but never had a good opportunity.  I figured this tunic with leggings would be a great outfit for work.  Today wasn’t suppose to get as warm as it did, but being inside all day I luckily stayed cool.  This tunic is so light-weight and comfortable.  I highly recommend you keep your eyes out for this tunic.  I have it in two patterns and love them both!

-Michelle & Rachel

Michelle’s Fall Fashion Wish List

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to shop for fashion-wise.  I love boots, sweaters, scarves, vests, and the list could go on!  This year I have been eyeing up a lot of things that I want to buy this fall.  Like my spring fashion wish list, I’ve narrowed down my list to my top five to share with you.

chambery shirt

1. A dark colored chambray shirt

I currently have two chambray shirts, but they are lighter ones.  I love layering chambray shirts in the fall with sweaters and different things.  I think a dark chambray shirt would look better with some outfits than my lighter ones!

riding boot

2. Brown Riding Boots

I want to find a really good pair of brown riding boots this fall to buy.  So far I haven’t found a pair that I absolutely love everything about them.  Most boots are either too dark or too tall.  I’m looking for cognac ones that don’t go quite up to the knee because I want to wear boot socks with them.

sweater dress

3. Sweater dress

I don’t have many dresses that are suitable for fall.  I would love to stock up on some sweater dresses to wear through the winter since they look stylish, yet are comfortable.  Red Dress Boutique has posting some really cute ones.  I may have to break down soon and buy one!


4. Brown booties

Not only do I want some brown riding boots, but I want some brown booties as well.  I’ve really come to like booties.  I would love to get some brown booties to round out my collection so I have booties to go with any outfit!

sweater Night_Lights_Sweater

5. Sweaters

In the fall I’m obsessed with sweaters.  I absolutely love them!  Obviously this fall, sweaters in general are on my wish list.  I would specifically like to find some more over sized one that I can wear with leggings as well.

What’s on your wish list this fall?  Let me know in the comments below.  I would love to know!


PINspiration Friday

PINspiration Friday

Rachel’s Picks

PINspiration PINspiration PINspiration

I picked these three pins for my top pins of the week because they are all such great fall outfits! 1) I love this look with button up top under the sweater! Also you can’t go wrong with Tory Burch shoes. 2) I really like how long this white top is and the deep V. The monogram necklace is a little large for in my opinion, but overall such a cute outfit! 3) The color of this sweater is so pretty. I also wish I had this necklace! I love the length of it and the layers to it!

Michelle’s Picks

8-7-15 18-7-158-7-15 2

1) I’ve haven’t had a fall jacket in a long time, but I absolutely love everything about this one!  It’s seriously perfect!!! I really like the colors and the plaid lining.  Basically I need to see if I can find this jacket so I can buy it! 2) With fall coming, it’s about that time to start breaking out the scarves!  I love wearing scarves during fall and winter.  I really like the colors and look of this blanket scarf.  It looks so cozy! 3) Another thing that I love, are spirit jerseys and spirit jersey type shirts.  I definitely wouldn’t mind adding a monogram one to my ever growing collection!

Have a great weekend!

-Michelle & Rachel

PINspiration Friday

PINsperation Friday

Rachel’s Picks

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1) This outfit is perfection! From the dress to the accessories, this is an outfit I would wear! 2) This is a great summer outfit for a colder day. I love the blue top with the clutch’s bright pop of pink. 3) You can never have too many running shoes right? The color combo on this shoes is so fun! I especially love the mint. I would love to have these shoes for working out.

Michelle’s Picks

6-19-156-19-15 26-19-15 3

1) I’m in love with these sandals!!! I hope I can somehow find them to buy 2) I workout on a regular basis and I love everything about this workout outfit, especially the pants! 3) I really like gingham patterned shirts. I haven’t really seen this pattern on shorts before and I really love these shorts!  They’re perfect for summer!

-Michelle & Rachel

Spring Fashion Goodies

It’s that time of the year, where I start getting antsy to buy new spring clothes (even though I have plenty of clothes)!  I had done pretty well at holding off, but now that it’s actually getting a bit warmer here in the Midwest I decided it was time to get a start on my spring shopping.  Over the past week or two, I’ve done a little online shopping and shopping at my local mall as well.  Let’s get into the fun part- what I bought!

Store: J. Crew Factory

spring3 spring4

When I saw this shirt online, I knew I had to have it and in more than one color!  I love that it’s light weight, has the scalloped bottom, and comes in pretty spring colors.  I can definitely see myself wearing these two shirts a lot this spring and summer.  I was also lucky enough to purchase these shirts when J. Crew Factory had a 30% off coupon code online.  You can see this shirt here.

Store: Red Dress Boutique


After searching for weeks and weeks (it seemed like), I finally found the perfect Easter dress!  I like that this dress isn’t too short and it also has pockets.  The color is great too for Easter.  Since it won’t be too warm where I live on Easter, I’ll wear a white cardigan over this dress if I get cold.  Here is the dress on the website.  Unfortunately it’s out of stock right now, but I have seen this dress in other colors on different online boutiques!

Store: Francesca’s 

I went shopping at this boutique over the weekend a picked a few great spring pieces.  I was also lucky enough that it ended up being Buy One Get One 50% off mix and match.  I got four things so two of my items were 50% off, which was a great deal.


I love the sleeves on this top, as well as the color.  I’m thinking I might wear this shirt or one of the other shirts I got from here to my boyfriend’s Easter on Saturday.  You can find this top here.


I was instantly in love with this shirt when I tried it on in the store.  I really love the color of it and it’s so soft and comfy!   I think this is going to be one of my favorite tops.  It can be found here.

spring8 spring9

This top is really soft as well.  I like the pattern on it and think it’s another perfect top for spring!  Here is this top.


These earrings just seemed perfect for spring!  I wanted to get a pair of earrings that  was quite different from the earrings I have already.  This pair is definitely different from anything I have.  I think they are so pretty.  They look even better in person and on the website so make sure you click this link to see the coloring better!

Store: Bauble Bar

I’ve been browsing the Bauble Bar website for awhile now, but had never made a purchase.  I saw that the first weekend of spring they were having a promo code for 30% off so I thought that was the perfect time to make my first purchase.

spring1 spring2

I’m so excited about this necklace and earrings.  This necklace will be able to go with so much and really dress up a lot of my shirts!  I’ve been wanting this style of earrings for awhile now so I’m really happy that I finally have a pair.  I really can’t wait to wear both of these.  I can’t find the necklace online anymore, but the earrings can be found here.

That wraps up my spring haul.  I hope this post has given you some spring inspiration for your shopping.  Let me know, which item or items you like best in a comment below!

Enjoy your day!