Summer Bucket List

I always feel like summers go by so quickly, and this one is definitely no exception.  It seems like before I know it, I’m going to be back at work ready for another school year.  However, I still have some things left on my summer bucket list that I want to cross off before summer is officially over!


Here’s my summer bucket list with the things I haven’t crossed off yet:

  1. Go to a fair– Whether it’s a county fair, the state fair, or both, I always love going to fairs for all the yummy fair foods.  My favorites are mini donuts, cheese curds, and corn dogs!
  2. Go kayaking–  I’ve been kayaking a couple of times when I’ve been on vacations.  I’ve never done it locally though.  I really want to find a place to rent kayaks that’s close by and go one day.
  3. Read at least five books– Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big reader.  However, I haven’t been reading as much for fun over the last year.  I think it’s partially because of grad school.  I’m hoping to get my reading back on track this summer!
  4. Get a tan– Yes, I unfortunately still need one.  I haven’t laid out enough this summer and gone to the pool as much as I would have thought.  Luckily, I’ll be going on a beach vacation next week.  Hopefully I’ll have a good tan after that!
  5. Bake and cook something new– I love baking and I like cooking most of the time.  Before summer is over I would like to both bake one new thing and cook one new thing.  I have so many recipes on Pinterest that I need to try!
  6. Try something new-It could be a restaurant, food, activity, hobby, etc.  I just simply want to try something new this summer.

What’s on your summer bucket list?  Let me know in the comments below!  I’m sure I could add more to my list as well!


Author: 2classysisters

We're two sisters who blog about all things fashion related, along with other random things sprinkled in here and there.

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