PINspiration Friday

Rachel’s Picks

  1. This is such a pretty dress! I love the bright floral print! I would definitely wear this dress. I think it’s great for spring and summer.
  2. This outfit is perfect! I literally love everything about it.  This outfit would be great for so many different occasions.
  3. I’m obsessed with this dress. I will be graduating college in May and I am so excited to wear dresses like this to work. I think this one looks so profession yet still very glamourous.

Michelle’s Picks

1.  I really love the jewelry and clutch in this pin, especially the colorful statement necklace!  Most of my statement necklaces are neutral colors.  I would love to add a colorful one like this to my collection! 2. The necklace, clutch, and shoes really make this outfit.  I think this outfit would be great for a casual work day or a girl’s night.  3.  I really love the combination of this army green utility jacket with the striped dress. I’ve been wanting an army green utility jacket for awhile now and I think I finally found one that I’m going to buy!

Have a great weekend!

-Michelle & Rachel

Author: 2classysisters

We're two sisters who blog about all things fashion related, along with other random things sprinkled in here and there.

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