PINspiration Friday

PINspiration Friday

Rachel’s Picks

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1) I think this outfit is perfect for the fall! I think this is such a pretty colored dress and I like how the boot socks match! 2) This hair style is so pretty. I love this up-do. I think the braid is just so pretty! I wish I was skilled enough to do this to my hair. 3) This dress needs to be in my closet! I love the chambray with the stripes! I feel like I could wear a dress like this for so many things!

Michelle’s Picks


1) I really like this whole outfit, but I absolutely LOVE these monogram boots!  They’re so pretty and I love the color of them!  2) I really like the light neutral colors of this outfit.  It’s a simple outfit, but definitely an outfit I can see myself wearing! 3) I’m seriously just in love with this vest!!!  I love the herringbone print and the colors of it.  I think this scarf could go with so much.  I’m really hoping that I can find this scarf or one very similar to it!

Hope you enjoy your weekend! Comment below with any blog post requests.

-Michelle & Rachel

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We're two sisters who blog about all things fashion related, along with other random things sprinkled in here and there.

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