Summer Nail Polish Favorites: Part 3

We hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Today, we’re wrapping up our summer nail polish favorites today with part three.  These five nail polish favorites are from a few different brands that we love!  The brands we’ll be featuring today are Zoya, OPI, Sephora by OPI, and Formula X for Sephora.  Now let’s get into our favorites!


One thing to note, unfortunately Sephora by OPI nail polishes were discontinued and not available anymore.


  • Blu (Zoya)– This is a very light, creamy blue.  This polish applies really well to nails.  One great thing about this nail polish is that it makes you look tanner in the summer if you have a bit of color already.  This is definitely a color you could wear all year round.
  • Mermaid to Order (Sephora by OPI)– This is a beautiful, shimmery bluish/green color.  We especially love wearing this color on our toes!  It’s the perfect summer color.


  • Diva-in-Training (Sephora by OPI)– Hot pink is always a good color no matter what season it is, but who doesn’t love it for summer?  This is your basic hot pink color and is one of our go-to’s when we want to paint our nails pink.
  • Hyped (Formula X for Sephora)– This is such a pretty, bright purple color!  It’s glittery as well, which makes it even more fun.  This polish applies really well and also doesn’t seem to chip easily.  Our favorite color is purple and this is definitely one of our favorite purple nail polishes!
  • Cajun Shrimp (OPI)- This color is a red with a hint of orange to it.  We love painting both our toes and nails this color.  It’s one of those classic colors that we never get sick of!

That wraps up our three part summer nail polish favorites.  Do you have any all time or summer favorites from the brands we talked about today?  We would love to hear what they are!  Also, let us know if there are any other brands that you think we should try out!

-Michelle & Rachel

Author: 2classysisters

We're two sisters who blog about all things fashion related, along with other random things sprinkled in here and there.

5 thoughts on “Summer Nail Polish Favorites: Part 3”

  1. butterfly kisses from jamberry nails is also a really flashy pink color. I love the butterfly design. They also have butterfly effects in a golden hue for the olive toned skin. Jamberry is actually one of my favorite nail design product. No need to paint it on when you can seal it on with a mini dryer and a nail/ cuticle stick


  2. butterfly kisses and butterfly effects by jamberry are a couple of my summer favorites. Butterfly effects is a golden glittery color in my opinion perfect for the olive toned skin.Butterfly kisses is the trendy glitzy pink color. jamberry in general because there’s no need for painting. Just press the nail color design on and seal with a mini heater or blow dryer.


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