Michelle’s Swimsuit Collection

Since I’m in St. Lucia right now enjoying a beach getaway with my sisters, I thought I would share with you my swimsuit collection.  As you will see, all of my swimsuits are from Victoria’s Secret.  I have just found that these swimsuits fit me the best.  Since I have a bigger butt, a lot of swimsuit bottoms from different brands are too small for me.  Luckily Victoria’s Secret’s bottoms fit me really well, along with the swim suit tops.  Ever since I started wearing Victoria’s Secret swimsuits I honestly have hardly tried any other swimsuits because I like them so much.

I will provide links to the swimsuits that I show you below if they are still available.  Pretty much all of the styles should be on the website because they are swimsuits that they have every year.  Some of the patterns/colors of mine just might not be available.  Now let’s get into my collection!


The Adjustable Bralette swimsuit top | The Knockout Bikini |


| Strappy Back Flounce Top (similar) | The Knockout Bikini |


| The Teeny Triangle Top | The Knockout Bikini |


| The Flirt Bandeau | The Knockout Bikini |


| The Flirt Bandeau | The Knockout Bikini |


This swimsuit is more than a few years old, so I unfortunately don’t have links for this one.


| The Getaway Halter | The Knockout Bikini |

That completes my swimsuit collection!  I currently have a few more swimsuits in my collection, but I don’t wear them anymore and really should get rid of them, so I thought it would be pointless to show you those ones.  As you can see from my collection, all of my swimsuit bottoms, except for one are the same style.  I really like this style because it gives good coverage and that’s what I like.  Some of my swimsuit tops and bottoms, I will mix and match as well depending on what I feel like wearing.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my collection!  Let me know in the comments below where you like to shop for swimsuits best and what you’re favorite swimsuit is!

Have a great rest of your day!

Author: 2classysisters

We're two sisters who blog about all things fashion related, along with other random things sprinkled in here and there.

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