PINspiration Friday

PINsperation Friday

Rachel’s Picks

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1) I think this dress is so adorable!  I love the navy with white, along with pattern on it.  I can see myself wearing this for several different occasions. A nice added bonus about this dress is that it’s my sorority’s colors!  2) I pinned this because I have been wanting Tory Burch bags for awhile now! I’m not sure if this is the exact style I would want or not, but I know that I do what this color!  It’s just such a pretty bag.  3) I want this dress! I know this is just a picture of the top of the dress but that’s because it’s my favorite part! I love the white and blue pattern along with the orange of the rest of the dress. I wish this dress was in my closet!

Michelle’s Picks

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1) I really like simple, neutral outfits like this one.  I love everything about this one, especially the accessories.  2)  I’ve recently become a big fan of periwinkle colored clothes.  I love this periwinkle off shoulder top with the white shorts!  I would love to find this style top in this color! 3)  Like the first outfit, I love everything about this outfit.  The floral top definitely caught my eye when I was looking on Pinterest!

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-Michelle & Rachel

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9 thoughts on “PINspiration Friday”

  1. I absolutely adore that last outfit with the floral shirt and slightly worn jeans! You guys have great picks. 🙂


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