L’Oréal Paris Ultimate Straight Review

I was lucky enough to be selected for Influnsters L’Oreal Paris VoxBox. In this VoxBox I received the complete 4 step line of L’Oréal Paris Ultimate Straight. The full line includes: Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Shampoo, Boosting Pre-Conditioner, Conditioner, and Perfecting Balm.  I hadn’t used L’Oréal Paris shampoo & conditioner before so I was excited to test these products!

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Ultimate Straight Hair Care Line: The ultimate straight starts before the heat. Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight starts straightening hair in the shower, for hair that’s shiny, straight, perfect for up to 48 hours.

Perfecting Balm: Straight hair beings before the heat. Smooth things over with Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Perfecting Balm. Not only does the treatment sleek-ify every strand before you use your iron, it also tames and protects, leaving your mane less prone to heat styling damage.

How To Use:

When using these products you are suppose to start with the the shampoo. You use the shampoo just like any other shampoo you use by massaging it into your wet hair and then rinsing it out. Next you use the boosting pre-conditioner. For this I usually use about a quarter size amount of it, definitely less then I would use for shampoo and conditioner. With this you apply evenly throughout your hair. After it is applied you leave it in for about a minute. Before you rinse it out you layer on the conditioner and leave on for 1-3 minutes before rising out, I usually do closer to 3 minutes. The first time I used this line I accidentally rinsed out the boosting pre-conditioner before applying the conditioner and it still turned out fine, however my hair did look better when I did it right. Lastly after you have towel dried your hair, apply a dime size amount of the perfecting balm to your hair and spread from the roots to the ends.


First I’m going to start off by telling you a little about my hair. I have long, relatively straight hair. I normally wash my hair at night and let it air dry. Even though my hair is relatively straight I still need to straighten it to get it how I like it. When it comes to washing my hair, I do it every other day or sometimes a day longer.

I have been using these four products for about 3 weeks now and I am pleased to say they work! I do feel that my hair is staying straighter longer. After I wash my hair, I still need to straighten it the next morning. However, it usually stays straight enough where I don’t have to straighten it the following day! I love the fact that I can cut out a day of straightening my hair because I hate having to put heat on my hair, especially since I am trying to grow it out. I feel that my hair also looks shinier since using this hair care line as well. I also love how these products smell, which is important to me when it comes to finding the perfect hair products. An added bonus that I like about these products is the size of the shampoo and conditioner. They come in 12.6 oz or 25.4 oz, which I like because I hate when they come in small sizes because I feel like I go through them too fast.

If you are looking for an affordable hair care line to help keep your hair straight, shiny, and manageable I would recommend the Ultimate Straight line for you! Overall I have really liked using these products and I feel that my hair has responded very well to them. In the end I would give these products  4 out of 5 stars! You can buy these products here.

Let me know if you have any other questions about these products!


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