Wedding Guest Attire ( OOTD & Tips)

Wedding season is in full swing!  We just went to our first wedding of the season over the weekend.  It was a beautiful day for a wedding and we had a great time!  We thought it would be fun to show you what we wore, as well as give you some tips when figuring out what to wear to a wedding


Rachel’s Look


|Dry Goods Dress | Target Heels | Kate Spade Purse | Tory Burch Bracelet | Express Necklace|

Michelle’s Look


| Ivy & Leo dress | Ivy & Leo wedges | Marley Lilly clutch| Target necklace |


  • Weddings are becoming all day events. Make sure to wear something that you’ll be comfortable in.  Even if the wedding isn’t an all day event, it’s important that you pick out an outfit that you are comfortable in when you: sit, stand, dance, and eat.
  • If you are going to wear heels, make sure you can walk in them.  If you’re worried about your feet starting to hurt, bring a pair of flats to leave in the car or your purse in case.
  • If you know the colors of the wedding try to avoid wearing that exact color.   Otherwise it looks like you’re trying to match the wedding party.
  • Make sure to dress appropriately. The invitation should specify the dress code, such as black tie, semi formal, etc. (the wedding we went to was semi-formal). Remember that black tie is the dressiest!  If the invitation specifies a dress code and you aren’t sure what it means, google it!  You don’t want to show up to a wedding overdressed or under dressed.
  •  Keep in mind the location of the wedding. If it is on the beach you can probably get by with more of a sundress feel, whereas in a church you will probably want to be a little dressier.
  • DO NOT wear anything that is sexy and/or revealing!   When picking out your outfit, think classy.  Nothing is worse than seeing a girl at a wedding who has too much cleavage showing and/or her butt practically on display for everyone.  Trust us it’s not a good look and you’ll just end up getting talked about.  If it’s an outfit you would wear out to a bar, don’t wear it.
  • Lastly NEVER wear white.

Do you have any wedding attire tips that we didn’t mention?  If so, let us know in the comments below!

-Michelle & Rachel

Author: 2classysisters

We're two sisters who blog about all things fashion related, along with other random things sprinkled in here and there.

14 thoughts on “Wedding Guest Attire ( OOTD & Tips)”

  1. You look very nice! I liked your wedding tips–although they did make me flash on the wedding where the cousin of the bride showed up in a gold sequined mini-skirt!


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