PINspiration Friday

PINsperation Friday

Rachel’s Picks

Show Me Your Mu Mu 81ea8b76e146f3fe4b9af0b01acd716643 81ea8b76e146f3fe4b9af0b01acd7166

1) I love this Show Me Your Mu Mu dress! I love the pastel floral pattern and how it just flows. I have been obsessing over this brand for awhile now and can’t wait to make my first purchase! 2) I really like this color combo of the pink and blue. This is a perfect look for a summer night just hanging out with friends. 3) These heels are perfection! The mint color is just so adorable! I would love to have these shoes in my closet!

Michelle’s Picks


1) I feel like this watch would be perfect for me since traveling is one of my favorite things to do!  Also, my birthday is coming up next month and I think this could be the perfect gift (hint hint).  2) I’m obsessed with scallops so it’s no surprise that I love this skirt.  I like that this skirt isn’t too short as well. 3)  I’m in need of some new wedges and I’m loving the color and detailing on this pair!

Enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend!
-Michelle & Rachel

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