Our Weekend Getaway in NYC: Day 2!

Saturday was our one full day in New York City so we packed quite a bit into this day! Here’s a look at our outfits for the day!

          Michelle’s Outfit                                                   Rachel’s Outfit

IMG_3266                    IMG_3267

We started the day off with a continental breakfast at our hotel and then we hit Times Square again to do a little more shopping and walk around.  Of course we had to go to Sephora and stock up on some beauty goodies.  If you haven’t been to the Sephora in Times Square we highly suggest you go there if you’re ever in the area because it is HUGE!  It’s definitely one of the biggest Sephora’s we’ve been to before.  After Sephora, we headed to M&M World.  We got some m&m’s and some other little souvenirs there.

NYC15  11044627_10155403860620294_7920567394014829820_n

By the time we were done shopping and walking around Times Square, we were definitely ready to eat lunch.  We met up with one of our older sister’s friends and her family at a pizzeria.  The building that the pizzeria was in was really cool since it had been a church before.  Our lunch consisted of New York Style pizza and Sangria to go along with it!  Both the pizza and Sangria were absolutely delicious!

photo(1)  10993489_10155403869915294_3753264122557675577_n

It was then time to head to our second Broadway show.  We went to a 2 o’clock matinee of The Book of Mormon.  We had been hearing such great things about The Book of Mormon that we were both really excited for this musical.  It definitely didn’t disappoint! It was funny, inappropriate, and just so so good! The acting and singing were phenomenal to say the least!  We highly recommend it.

IMG_3285  IMG_3288

After the musical, we quickly headed back to our hotel for just a few minutes and then we took a cab to see The Empire State Building.  We purchased our tickets online before our trip and we also paid a bit more so we didn’t have to wait in any of the lines on the way up.  We were really glad we paid more because it was so nice not having to wait in all of the lines.  It made things much easier and quicker!  Once we made it to the Observatory Deck, we were finally able to see the beautiful views of New York City.  We were really happy with the time we chose to go because it was right before sunset so we were able to see the views both when it was light and dark.  Before leaving The Empire State Building, we also stopped at the gift shop and bought a few souvenirs.

IMG_3307  IMG_3330                         NYC16   11059314_10155403858480294_3884226478577119530_n

We then headed back to our hotel again to figure out the plan for our night.  We decided to go an Italian restaurant right in Times Square called Tony’s since it was close.  Our older sister had also eaten there before and really liked it.  When we got to the restaurant we were told it was going to be around a 45 minute to one hour wait, so we just shopped around Times Square a bit more to pass the time.  It was definitely worth the wait!  We enjoyed a lovely meal that included two different kinds of pasta that we all shared, bread, wine, and sangria!  Needless to say, we were very full afterwards!


We originally had planned on getting a drink afterwards, but after our whirlwind of a day we were all pretty tired.  We decided to head back to our hotel to pack and just hang out for a quiet night.  Luckily Pitch Perfect was on so we watched that while packing and eating some delicious New York Style cheesecake from Juniors.

IMG_3199 (2)

That basically wraps up our New York City weekend getaway!  We had a blast and can’t wait until we can go back again in the future.  We hope you have enjoyed our New York City posts and videos!  If you’ve been to New York City before, comment below and let us know what your favorite things were that you did there.   If you haven’t been to New York City before,  comment below and let us know what you want to see/do the most if/when you go to New York City.

Have a fabulous day! -Michelle & Rachel

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