What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag: NYC Prep Part 2

It’s time for the second post in our NYC Prep series! In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you what I’m taking in my travel makeup bag.  When traveling, I really try to take makeup that I know I will use when I’m on the trip and not just pack a bunch of unnecessary makeup.  For this New York City trip, I think I did a pretty good job at packing only makeup that I’ll use.  I do have “extras” of a few makeup items, but only because I don’t know exactly what I’m all going to be doing while I’m in New York City yet.  Now, let’s take a look inside my makeup bag! makeup3 This makeup bag might look familiar to you if you watched my Ulta haul from last week or read that post.  I did decide to take this bag with me to New York since it has the two separate compartments. makeup2 First off, excuse my dirty makeup!  The packaging on these three items are all so hard to keep clean and I had just cleaned them, but clearly they didn’t stay that way for long.  Anyways, I decided to take two palettes with me on this trip because I think it’s easier to have everything in one place rather than a bunch of different containers.  Plus I”m really obsessed with my Lorac Pro palette and decided that I have to have it with me.  I originally wasn’t going to bring my NARS cheek palette with me, but then I decided to since it has a highlighter, my favorite bronzer (laguna), and four blushes. makeup1 When going on vacations, I really try to take the travel size version of any makeup I have.  Luckily I have this travel size Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and a travel size eye shadow primer from Lorac that came with my Lorac Pro palette. makeup I somehow managed to narrow down my lip products to only three, which I think is pretty good considering I haven’t planned my outfits at all yet.  I think the shades that I’m bringing will go with a variety of outfits though!  For foundation, I decided to bring my Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation because the packaging is really easy to travel with.  Some of my other liquid foundations are in glass bottles so they aren’t very travel-friendly!  I’m bringing a travel size of the Better than Sex mascara from Too Faced as well.  I really like this mascara, but haven’t bought it in the full size yet! If you want to see me talk more in depth about my makeup and my makeup bag, watch the video below! http://youtu.be/pMyaCYh9xNs Stay tuned for our next post/video in our NYC Prep series later this week! -Michelle

Author: 2classysisters

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7 thoughts on “What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag: NYC Prep Part 2”

    1. I debated about getting the Lorac Pro Palette for quite some time since I already have two of the Naked palettes. I’m so glad I got it though! I’ve actually found myself using it most days since purchasing it!


    1. I love that NARS palette. I know they came out with another one this holiday season. I’m not sure if it’s available still or not. I have a lot of makeup too 🙂 I figure it’s nice to have plenty of options though!


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