Winter Nail Polish Go-to’s

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I absolutely love nail polish and that I may be a bit (okay, more like really) addicted to it.  What can I say, I just really love nail polish and having a lot of color options for painting my nails.  You will rarely see me without my nails painted.

Since I love nail polish so much and am  always painting my nails, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my top favorite nail polishes.  I have a lot of favorites though, so I thought it would be best to share my favorites with you each season or maybe sometimes a random month even.  With winter wrapping up, let’s get into which nail polishes have been my go-to’s this season!

When looking through my collection for my top winter nail polishes for this post, I asked myself two questions.  Did I love this polish when I wore it this season? Have I worn this polish more than once this season?  Clearly if I knew instantly that I loved the polish when I wore it, it was a favorite.  Also, if I wore the polish more than once, chances are it’s a favorite as well because I usually don’t paint my nails the same color over and over in a short amount of time unless I truly love it.

Pictured below are my top favorite Winter nail polishes:

nail polish

  1. After School Boy Blazer (Essie)– This color is a very dark navy.  It almost looks black if you just glance at it.  I really like wearing darker nail polishes in the winter.  I just bought this color towards the beginning of winter and I’m definitely glad I did!
  2. Red My Fortune Cookie (OPI)– This is a bright, classic red color.  I wear red polish pretty much all year round, but this was another polish I bought just this past fall and have found myself reaching for a lot this winter.
  3. Keep Me on My Mistletoes (Sephora by OPI)-  I’ve had this color for quite a few years and hadn’t reached for it in awhile until this winter.  I was in the mood for a gold polish one day and decided to paint my nails this color.  After painting my nails, I wondered why I hadn’t been giving this color much love because it is such a pretty shimmery gold!  I have painted my nails this color multiple times and each time I have gotten a lot of compliments on it.  And now after talking about this color, I want to paint my nails this color again!
  4. Just a Little Dangerous (Sephora by OPI)–  This is another color that I hadn’t been giving much love to, but fell back in love with.  Just a Little Dangerous is a very dark shimmery purple color.  Like Essie’s After School Boy Blazer, it looks almost black until you look more closely at it.
  5. Sable Collar (Essie)–  I’m not even sure how to describe this color because it looks different depending on the lighting.  I do know that it’s a gorgeous neutral color though with shimmer!  Ever since I bought it last winter, it’s been one of my favorites to wear during the winter season!

As you can probably guess, two of my favorite nail polish brands are Essie and OPI.  I also have a few other favorite brands that I will be sharing with you in future nail polish posts.  If you would be interested in seeing my full nail polish collection, I would love to share it with you!  What are your winter go-to nail polishes during the winter months?  I’m always looking for new nail polishes to try so let me know in the comments below!


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3 thoughts on “Winter Nail Polish Go-to’s”

      1. I think I might have Ballerina Slippers from Etsy or at least something very similiar 🙂 I really love the navy color, especially for the fall and winter months!


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